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The beginnings of Choro music, a Brazilian adaptation of European dance rhythms in vogue at the time, go back to around 1870. Since then, this fascinating genre of music has been explored by successive generations of illustrious musicians, most notably the composer and instrumentalist Pixinguinha (RJ, 1897-1973). 

Today’s choro band is composed of one viola, one or two six-stringed guitars and another with seven strings, a ukelele, a tambourine, and occasionally one or more wind instruments.

Instruments like these (from left to right): Violão 7 strings or Viola, Violão(acoustic guitar), Bandolim, Flauta, Cavaquinho and Pandeiro

Some of the best Chorões known are Chiquinha Gonzaga, Ernesto Nazareth and Pixinguinha. Some of the most famous Choros are:

"Tico-Tico no Fubá", by Zequinha de Abreu
"Brasileirinho", by Waldir Azevedo
"Noites Cariocas", by Jacob do Bandolim
"Carinhoso" and "Lamento" by Pixinguinha
"Odeon", by Ernesto Nazareth

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